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It’s not often we get to take a break from the camera. After all, we make videos. Along with that, we like to take photos to share on our social media accounts. Honestly, it’s great to share what we’re up to and it’s even better to look back over time and see how much we’ve progressed. We’re even more stoked to see how much we will progress over the coming months and years.

But it’s nice to take a break every now and then. To put the camera down and just ride. That’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks back when I headed to Sherwood Pines for a photo shoot. A top bloke, Alan, who we’ve been talking to on Twitter, and who we’d met at last year’s MTB Meetup, offered to take me out for a shred and snap some shots. I jumped at the offer.

I didn’t know when we pulled up, but it turns out Alan used to be a photographer for a local paper. It’s clear in his photographs; they’re framed wonderfully and edited with skill. They make my attempts look very much amateur in comparison. I couldn’t be more pleased with how they’ve come out.

What was even more fun, though, was spending the day on the bike making friends with someone who you’ve spoken to a few times but haven’t properly met. Alan is a top bloke, not just a great photographer. His modest approach to biking almost masked his skill on the bike, but he’s more than capable – even with a rather large camera strapped to his back.

We lapped the red route twice and spent some time on the downhill run. The dry weather gave us the perfect opportunity to put the power down and we carried good speed. Sherwood Pines isn’t renowned for being the most technical centre in the UK – far from it – but they’ve done a good job with what they’ve got.

Riding with others is a real privilege and I’m grateful that our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube connections are providing me with the opportunity to meet some great bikers, as well as top people in general. Huge thanks to Alan for the photos!

You should definitely check out Alan’s ingenious Feral Marmot Films Facebook page and give them a like. I promise you, the photographs alone are worth the like.

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