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The Return To Stainburn

Our second trip to Stainburn downhill track was one we’d been looking forward to for a while. Our previous trip was fun but had left Lew with a bent break rotor which had cut our trip short. We’d both also had minor falls and had

Sharing The Love

It’s not often we get to take a break from the camera. After all, we make videos. Along with that, we like to take photos to share on our social media accounts. Honestly, it’s great to share what we’re up to and it’s even better

Behind The Lens (March)

A week ago now, we gathered with good intentions of filming our introductory video for our Youtube channel. Over the last few months we’ve been to check out some of the trails we’ll be filming at in the next 12 months, but we’ve not yet

To The Trail: Coming Soon

  We recently put together this little clip to give you all an idea of the sorts of things we’d be getting up to over the next few weeks and months. It’s just under a minute worth of clips from previous filming we’ve completed. Most

From An Idea

We love bikes. It’s safe to say that we really love bikes. We’re not professionals, or even really good riders, but we’ve got the same bug that anyone who rides bikes has. Saturday has become another early rise day, up at 6am, brushing the sleep from