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Do What You Love

When we started To The Trail the intention was just to document what we were doing and share with folk who might be interested. We know we’re not world class riders… Heck, we know we’re average at best. We’re fine with that. We do love bikes, though. Having a YouTube channel about bikes means we can share that love and connect with other folk who also love bikes. And that makes us happy.

From time to time, we get some nice comments and messages. Folk simply telling us that what we’re doing was interesting or that they enjoyed it. Some people have said some things we’ve made have been useful, and that’s awesome. It means the world to us when we meet someone face to face and they tell us that they’re enjoying the videos we’re making. It’s the icing on the cake.

Alongside the nice stuff, we also get negative feedback. Occasionally, there’ll be someone who lets us know that our riding is average or tells us our videos are boring. And that’s fine. Early on, we knew we’d never be able to please everyone with our channel. We know that our riding isn’t as exciting as if you turned on Red Bull TV and watched Semenuk do some unreal flip, or Cam Zink launch down some ridiculous mountain. We’re just average folk. What we’re hoping to bring to the table is the perspective of average riders. We know where we belong. So, with this said, negative comments really don’t bother us too much. Of course, from time to time there might be one that I dwell on for a few hours before I can force myself to get over it, but most of the time I simply dismiss them.

What does irritate me about negative comments is this: that it might have been said to try to dissuade someone from doing something they love. Luckily, no negative comment will ever stop us making videos. But it would’ve at the start. Talking to the camera still feels silly. It’s still not ‘normal’ and when someone points out that the result isn’t any good, it can definitely get in your head. For someone considering making videos, negative comments on other content out there might well be the reason they never act on their impulse. And that’s a shame.

We don’t need more people acting the top dog in the world and putting others off the idea of creating content. We do need more people making awesome content. Making crappy content is the way to get there (the old “practise makes perfect”). So, why this blog post?

Simply to say: do it.

Start that thing you were thinking of and forget everyone else. There’ll be some negative comments on the way but starting it will make you happy and you’ll learn to ignore the other noise coming from negative people. Make things and make them badly to start with. Upload videos with terrible audio or poor camera angles. Then learn to fix that. With each new slice of film you’ll get better and more confident. And happier with the things you create. And there’ll be more positive people out there than the negative ones at the end of it all.

5 thoughts on “Do What You Love”

  1. trailabuse says:

    Do you know guys? Well bloody said! People are quick to judge others and its fantastic to see people like yourselves spreading the word and sharing their MTB progression and love for the sport.
    Keep it up guys!

    1. Lew says:

      Thanks, man! Was something that was bothering me for a while. Literally got a comment on a forum the other day that said “Yawn.” Nothing else. Just that. Got me thinking – how many people would be put off by that? Good job we’ve got thick skin and MTB on the brain all the time.

      As always, appreciate your support!

      1. trailabuse says:

        It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there. Plus if you wasnt thick skinned id be questioning your northern toughness

        Keep it coming dude. I for one enjoy you content

  2. Roguetrooper says:

    Fuck ‘em Lew, do what you do…the ethos of the NNS was born from a sense of challenging elitism. We know we are shit, but we love to ride and we have a giggle and we ain’t stopping!

    1. Lew says:

      Here, here! Don’t bother me so much any more but I’d hate to think that a negative comment on one of our videos put off someone else from making their own videos. I definitely think spreading the stoke and being positive online goes a long way to helping others produce their own awesome content.

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